My life in Ateneo By Miguel Ross Arandela of 10-Faith

My life in Ateneo
By Miguel Ross Arandela of 10-Faith

It all started on the summer of 2007, I attended a summer class in a school named Ateneo de Iloilo and I was nervous as always in entering another school. While sitting in a room named Ogilvie, I met new friends like a boy named Joaquin and a boy named Izaiah. We became friends in an instant, Joaquin was mostly my best friend and I met others after that. There was a girl named Eunica, well she’s the only girl in summer school that I remembered, as we learned stuff about Ateneo and oh we had reviews in Math also. The teacher was Ma’am Buenafe, she’s a nice teacher in Math and I was surprise to find out at the end of the summer class that she’s my Adviser in my section, Ogilvie.

As my school year in Ateneo begins I still kept in touch with the friends I made over the summer, some of them are my classmates but mostly three of them actually are my classmate, Izaiah, Joaquin and Eunica. I also know some friends in other sections, by the way there are three sections per year level, in my grade 3 the sections are Ogilvie, my section of course, Campion and Brebauf. My first days was quite innocent, it was a time when boys are boys and girls are girls. Friends come and go over the year, people change and new friends come around.

I had ups and downs in my path to now, but hose ups and downs we’re the best for they bring you experiences and memories cherish or to remember. Grade 6 was one of the best and worst moments of my life here in Ateneo.

Why is the best and worst for me if you as a blogger may ask? Well it was the best for I have a lot of best of friends and we shared the most rocking experiences, now for the worst, it was the time for us to move to our first year of high school, most of us we’re scared of what life in high school is in store for, some of are moving to other schools, most of them are friends that shared the most memories to us and sum it all up, the life in grade school that we left. Our teachers that thought us advises of life, the staffs in our school that sees our potential, our potential to grow as young men and women of high school.

The day of graduation in our grade school was overwhelming, friends planning to meet up after or the day after graduation, meet up for a party and socialize. Also plan for what are we going to do in high school, it was exciting in the event of the graduation, friends taking pictures for our memorandum and families came to witness the event of course. But most of all grade school graduation was just a warm up for the next journey of our lives.

Flash forward to first year and it’s a rollercoaster ride for me and to some of my friends, I meet again old friends from other schools and new ones too. But all the way I had some fights and struggles during first year. A fight about love and a struggle on my studies.

Second year life was a breeze for me, I started out different because I now know how things work because I found clarity during the summer, the clarity of what is my aim and goal. Nearing to March I met someone, someone to whom I fell in love, she was; fascinating, smart and caring. Over the summer we we’re drawn close to each other, we even joke about what if we really end up getting married in the end because our love is insane in the best way and awesome. I thought she was the one and I would do anything to keep that way.
But alas when the year for third year came, everyone changes for the worst, like; friends turning against each other, people drawing away from each other and unexpected bonds with one another.

People may think that I’m just another teenager experiencing huge changes but this changes have change me dramatically for the worst. Well my story with The one have ended but we both still communicate in different ways, we both establish a relationship, a relationship as friends but I swore to keep that way and to keep myself from falling in love again.
Well that’s my story for now, I’m now in senior year and I will share someday this experience of being a senior.